What is a clitoral stimulator
What is a clitoral stimulator

A clitoral stimulator is an adult toy that stimulates the clitoris. Through the stimulation of the clitoris, a higher sexual experience can be achieved. For women. The clitoris is a very sensitive area near the vagina. By stimulating the area, it increases blood flow to the clitoris, making it more likely that you will have an orgasm.

What is a clitoral stimulator

Clitoral stimulators come in different styles. Such as clit sucker and clitoral vibrator, clitoral tongue licking massager, etc. Although these adult toys come in different styles, their ultimate purpose is to enhance and sublimate the experience of both sexes. We often see clitoral suction cups in many styles. For example, EN03's snail clitoral sucker, rose flower clitoral sucker, Little cute whale clit sucker, etc. Secondly, there are a variety of clitoral vibrators, such as double round head clitoral vibrators, bunny clitoral vibrators, etc.

Why so many people follow it

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The clitoris is the most accessible key area of female vulva for sexual pleasure. Direct stimulation of it with a clitoral vibrator results in intense orgasms that happen quickly. According to research, for nearly 75% of women, penetrative sex alone does not lead to orgasm, while 83% of women require clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm.

But having a clitoral stimulator may make you aroused faster and orgasm better. For sex between couples, using a clitoral stimulator can help you get into foreplay faster.

How to try a clitoral stimulator

If you are using it for the first time, please put it on the clitoris and turn down the frequency and press gently. When you get used to this frequency, you can set a faster frequency. Finding your favorite frequency is important. Using a clitoral stimulator is a great process. Recommended to interact with your partner. You can also use one to stimulate the clitoris during vaginal intercourse in an attempt to achieve a more intense orgasm.

If for more fun. You can try using a vibrator on your clitoris, quit, and use it again. Repeat this process until you reach orgasm.

What to look out for when using a clitoral stimulator

Clit Licking Massager
Regular use of a clitoral stimulator can cause your genitals to become less sensitive. It is recommended to properly control the frequency to keep your sexual experience at its best.

When using, please control your best tolerance frequency range to prevent overuse from exceeding the tolerance range of the body's nerves.

Using a clitoral stimulator can help you get better into sex. While they can help provide you with intense stimulation, they can't provide the other things that make sex feel good.

Care cleaning is an important step. Please clean it with soapy water or other clean water after each use. You can also disinfect them with diluted bleach. No matter which clitoral stimulator you use, read the product's care instructions before cleaning to ensure you don't damage the product.

EN03's sex toys have a 3-month warranty. If you purchased EN03 adult toys. Please keep it repaired within the warranty period. At the same time, when you receive our products, we hope that you can confirm that your products are functioning normally. Thank you so much for reading.

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